AGING primarily publishes papers of outstanding significance, exceptional novelty, and ground-breaking discoveries in all disciplines from yeast to humans and from evolution to medicine as it relates to aging.


Histopathology is published on behalf of the British Division of the International Academy of Pathology (BDIAP). The society aims to advance pathology through improving methods of teaching pathology, coordination of pathology with allied sciences and techiniques, promoting pathology research and convocation of meetings and congresses to facilitate the exchange of ideas.


Journal of Comparative Pathology

The Journal of Comparative Pathology is an International, English language, peer-reviewed journal which publishes full length articles, short papers and review articles of high scientific quality on all aspects of the pathology of the diseases of domesticated and other vertebrate animals.  Articles on human diseases are also included if they present features of special interest when viewed against the general background of vertebrate pathology.


Journal of Pathology

The Journal of Pathology publishes quarterly online-only Virtual Issues. These group together recent articles in one easy-to-find place, with accompanying annotation, alongside questions that may be used for CPD/CME.


Pathobiology of Aging and Age-related Diseases

Pathobiology of Aging and Age-related Diseases (PBA) is a journal which explores the pathological progression and intervention of aging and age-related disease phenotypes in mammalian species, providing an opportunity to communicate pathology data as a primary scientific focus of aging.


Veterinary Pathology  

Veterinary Pathology (VET) is the premier international publication of basic and applied research involving domestic, laboratory, wildlife, marine and zoo animals, and poultry. Bridging the divide between natural and experimental diseases, the journal details the diagnostic investigations of diseases of animals; reports experimental studies on mechanisms of specific processes; provides unique insights into animal models of human disease; and presents studies on environmental and pharmaceutical hazard